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Are you looking for advanced electric motor and drive technology that offers superior performance, reliability, and efficiency? If so, you have come to the right place.

Our Motors and Drives services provide engineering consultancy, project fulfilments, and global supply chain services to help you design and construct electric motors and drives that maximize performance.

Engineering Consultancy

Our experienced engineers and PhDs in Electrical Engineering are equipped to assist you in meeting the highest possible quality and efficiency standards. We are experienced in designing and constructing AC motors, DC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, induction motors, synchronous motors, permanent magnet motors, reluctor motors, and switched reluctance motors. Our dedicated team works closely with each of our clients to deliver a custom solution that meets their exact needs.

Project Fulfilments

Once the engineering and design process is complete, our team can further assist with the optimal production and customer fulfilment of the product. We offer a comprehensive range of supply chain services, including component and material sourcing, order management, quality assurance, assembly, shipping, and logistics.

Global Supply Chain Services

We are the perfect partner to help you manage the complexity of the entire product design and manufacturing process. Our team utilizes advanced global supply chain techniques to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective production. We have developed strong relationships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to ensure the best materials and components are sourced at the lowest possible prices.

Case Studies

We have worked on a range of successful projects for some of the world’s biggest companies, in industries such as:

• Automotive

• Aerospace

• Home Appliances

• Medical Devices

• Robotics

• Robotics

• Power Generation

• and more

  • Case Study 1: Aerospace Supplier

Our Motors and Drives engineering consultancy was recently contracted by an established aerospace supplier. The client was looking for an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to produce electric motors and drives. After gaining a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and product specifications, our team of experienced engineers and engineers preparing a detailed design and specifications document. This design was then used as a blueprint for prototyping and testing, and was eventually used as a reference for mass production. With our help, the client was able to produce thousands of high-quality electric motors and drives that were highly efficient, reliable, and competitively priced.

  • Case Study 2: Home Appliances Manufacturer

A major home appliances manufacturer needed to upgrade some of its existing models with cutting-edge electric motors and drives. After engaging our team of Motors and Drives specialists, we quickly began working with the client to prototype and test several design concepts. With our global supply chain, we were able to source high-quality components and materials at competitive prices. In the end, we helped the client design and build thousands of electric motors and drives that exceeded all requirements and improved the performance of their existing products.

  • Case Study 3: Medical Devices Manufacturer

Our Motors and Drives team was engaged by a medical devices manufacturer to create a new product to meet customer demands. We worked collaboratively with the client to design an electric motor and drive system to meet the strict performance, reliability, and safety requirements of the project. After executing the design and engineering process, our team utilized our global supply chain to procure the necessary components and materials at the most competitive prices. In the end, we were able to produce thousands of motors and drives that met all performance requirements.


Motors and Drives offer a comprehensive solution for all of your electric motor and drives needs. Our experienced engineers and PhDs have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you design and construct electric motors and drives, and support you throughout the entire production process. Our global supply chain also provides thousands of quality components and materials at competitive prices. Let us help you design and construct the next step in your product. Give some case-studies with concrete examples.