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We provide comprehensive industrial engineering solutions for companies looking to boost their productivity and reduce their costs. Our services cover all aspects of industrial engineering, from engineering consultancy and project fulfillment to global supply chain services. Whatever your needs, our highly experienced engineers and PhDs have the skills and knowledge to deliver the best solutions.

Engineering Consultancy

Our engineering consultancy helps you design and construct machines and systems for production lines to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We can also integrate sensors and controllers into production systems to monitor and control processes. Our advanced software applications and systems automate production processes and reduce labor costs. We have the expertise to help you streamline production processes and improve safety for your staff.

Project Fulfilments

As part of our project fulfilment service, our team helps you plan and schedule production, manage inventory, optimize logistics, and monitor performance. We also provide full material requirement planning to ensure that all components necessary for production are available when needed.

Global Supply Chain Service

Our global supply chain service makes it easy for you to source raw materials around the world. We provide reliable and cost-effective shipping for all your products. At Industrial Engineering Services, we strive to provide top-quality engineering solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our experience in developing and implementing innovative solutions is backed by an excellent track record of success. We are passionate about helping you achieve your industrial engineering goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

Case Studies:

  • Case Study 1: Automated Production Line Optimization

One of our clients, a large automotive manufacturer, was looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating their production line. Our team of industrial engineers conducted a detailed analysis of the current production layout. Our engineers proposed several solutions and worked with the client to develop a new, automated system that optimized production numbers and reduced costs. The new system was successfully implemented within one year and has allowed the company to increase production efficiency by 10​%​ while reducing costs by overhead by 8% in the first year of operation.

  • Case Study 2: Global Supply Chain Management

Our team of engineers provided a global supply chain management solution for a large global production company. We developed a comprehensive plan to optimize their supply chain network to ensure efficient logistics and cost-effectiveness in sourcing raw materials from around the world. We also created a reliable and cost-effective shipping process for their products, resulting in a 45​%​ reduction in shipping time from the original process.

Our team of engineers designed and installed a robotic and automation system for a machinery manufacturing company. This system provided the company with improved production efficiency and safety. The robotic system reduced manual labor by 50%, decreasing labor costs by 20% and increasing the operational speed of the production line by 25%. The automation system also enabled the company to detect and address potential manufacturing problems quickly and accurately, reducing product defect rates by 50%.