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Are you a medical device manufacturer looking for an innovative engineering consultancy to help you design or improve healthcare equipment for your business? Our Healthcare & Medical Devices service provides the necessary support to make sure your equipment is effective and efficient. Our team of experienced engineers and PhDs are experts in custom design and construction of medical instruments, diagnostic systems, and lab equipment. We are also skilled in developing medical imaging systems such as CT scanners, MRI machines, and ultrasound systems. No matter the level of complexity, our healthcare engineers can find solutions for you. Moreover, our service includes global supply chain and project fulfilment solutions that can help you reduce labor costs and overall costs related to the production of medical devices. We can integrate medical devices with electronic health records, create software applications to optimize physician diagnostics, and set up automation processes to make sure your business is efficient. For example, our team developed innovative robots that can help hospitals automate the supply chain process and reduce costs. Our customers now have robotics that can deliver medicine, medical supplies, and food at any time throughout the day. We’ve also improved the accuracy of anesthesiologists through our customized monitoring systems that enable them to control and track the amount of intravenous medication a single patient receives. Furthermore, our healthcare service is global.

From countries like France and China to Mexico and the US, we have designed and installed electrical and control systems for healthcare institutions that have improved safety and efficiency. We also provide round-the-clock maintenance and repairs to keep your medical equipment running smoothly. Our Healthcare & Medical Devices service is the best solution for medical device manufacturers who want to rise to the challenges of rapid medical technology advances. Start today leveraging our expertise to improve efficiency, reduce labor and material costs, and stay on top of the latest medical technology trends. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you.