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As the aviation industry continues to grow, so too does the need for aerospace engineering services that can provide innovative solutions to challenging problems. That’s why customers around the world turn to our aerospace engineering team – a team that is highly qualified and dedicated to finding ingenious ways to meet their needs.

Our aerospace engineering services cover a wide range of areas, from engineering consultancy to project fulfilment and global supply chain services.

Engineering Consultancy

With our engineering consultancy, we can help customers devise the ideal solutions for new or existing aerospace projects, taking into account their specific requirements and budget restrictions. Our team can also provide technical advice on electrical systems and powertrain electrification, allowing customers to gain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving industry. To demonstrate our capabilities, we have worked on numerous successful projects involving the electrification of both civilian and military aircraft, which were designed to increase safety and reduce energy consumption while meeting customer requirements.

Project Fulfilments

We also provide project fulfilment solutions for customers who require assistance with their aerospace projects. This includes designing, developing, constructing, testing,integrating and debugging aircraft components and systems, as well as designing and constructing airframes, propulsion systems and fuel systems. We can also provide custom development, prototyping and testing services.

As part of our global supply chain services, we offer sourcing solutions for raw materials and parts, on-site manufacturing capabilities and complete logistics support. Additionally, our global footprint enables customers to benefit from our extensive network of trusted suppliers.

Global Supply Chain Services

At our aerospace engineering team, we are firmly committed to providing top-level engineering services for customers all over the world. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers ensures that all projects are completed on time, ensuring customer satisfaction. We utilize the latest tools and technologies to ensure that all projects meet the highest industry standards. With timely, comprehensive engineering support, our customers can be confident in our ability to meet their requirements.